About PGB Showcase

Enjoy all the privileges of living in a luxury prestige property on short notice! Vacation Rental or Executive Relocation whatever the need ...

PGB Showcase is a company about it's founder, Paul G Black. Mr. Black, an individual that seeks out great places to live and visit. "Travel is a continual learning experience that has always delivered the excitement that ones life should not be without." People who travel will understand the pleasures that come with stepping into a new city and learning the beat and the culture that each new destination has to offer. When the founder of PGB Showcase traveled the world in his previous career as a Executive in the Global Telecom industry he got the added benefit of meeting wonderful people in the cities and countries he visited, which prompted his new career as a real estate investor who thought it would be great to have a home, a great home in some of the best cities he had the fortunate pleasure of visiting. Thus PGB Showcase residences was born.

Each residence provides the best of what someone of fine taste and culture would want if they were to "move in" to a new home in a new city temporarily. Whatever the purpose... to try the city out as a possible new home, corporate relocation temporary home, or just a vacation home. This works.